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Membership Benefits

Professional Construction Estimators Association of America, Inc. (PCEA) gives you and your Company the "Professional Edge".

Since its creation in 1956, PCEA has been the professional choice to thousands of estimators and construction professionals throughout the Southeastern United States.

Is it right for you?

The answer is yes if you value ANY of these benefits PCEA membership offers ...

• A comprehensive and relevant mix of educational programs that helps build the body of knowledge that constitutes the discipline of Construction Estimating
• Access to latest industry and technology trends
• Leadership training and the tools to excel as professionals in the Construction Industry
• Recognition of professional excellence, integrity and ethics
• Valuable networking and business development opportunities                                                                        •
Building professional relationships which make project teaming, client development and peer relations happen
• Active local chapters which meet on a regular, monthly basis
• Annual National Convention that gives you the opportunity to share information and exchange ideas with industry colleagues from a wide geographical region
• Support of educational programs like UNC Charlotte and Central Piedmont Comm. College
• National Membership Directory and the Chapter & National Website "Member Only" which serves as a highly effective networking resource
• National & Local PCEA Newsletters filled with announcements, notices, Chapter and Member Achievements which can serve as a valuable PR tool for you and your company.

Categories (Levels)

1. Annual Membership

2. Pay-As-You-Go

Membership Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of being a member of the Association:

  • Reduced rates on our educational programs.
  • Monthly membership meetings to meet many of the professionals in our industry.
  • Participating in raising money to give back to educate the individuals entering into our industry as well as current members.

PCEA - Charlotte Chapter No. 1

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